Spooner or Later
The solo Spooner practices addition by addition

April 14, 2002
Spooner or Later

About as far away from metal-core as one could get is the singer-songwriter. While the former seems obsessed with being heavy and hard, the other seems obsessed with being light and sensitive. At their worst, both camps can be as rigid and doctrinaire as any Stalinist.

The difference is that the singer-songwriter genre places importance on other things besides being light and sensitive — namely, melody and craftsmanship. Hence, it’s a lot easier for a singer-songwriter to get out of the ghetto by talent alone. New Hampshire-based Jason Spooner could do just that. On his eight-song demo CD, Spooner plays in a style one would expect from a singer-songwriter — plenty of delicately strummed melodies and sensitive lyrics, with arrangements that consist of just his voice and guitar. However, his skills make the whole affair more than the usual singer-songwriter fare. His melodies and lyrics are well-crafted and memorable. His singing is effective, and his guitar playing is beautiful without being showy. Anybody with an interest in singer-songwriter music will definitely be interested in Jason Spooner.

Jason Spooner plays at Three Dollar Dewey’s,
241 Commercial St., Portland, on April 24
 at 6 p.m. No cover. 772-3310.