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Spooner Celebrates CD

November 20, 2002
Spooner Celebrates CD

Every so often there is a Maine singer/songwriter who creates a buzz for him- or herself and begins appearing in clubs and other venues beyond the café circuit. Jason Spooner is such an artist. His debut CD, "Lost Houses," breaks free of the humdrum of subway strummers and demands to be listened to. Spooner writes insightful, cleverly penned songs that are at times witty and other times profound. Where so many of today's songwriters free-associate with a pseudo-profundity a la REM (but not nearly as well), Spooner puts together poignant verses with intelligent rhyming schemes, turns-of-phrases and freshly drawn images.

Spooner uses a lot of bluesy rhythms, a little honky-tonk (mostly in the amusing send-up "Pickup Truck") and a lot of easy, acoustic pop that melds well with his smooth, soft delivery. Not since Kate Schrock shook up the local folk scene with her release of "Refuge" has a singer/songwriter's debut CD promised so much.

"Lost Houses" is a showcase of not just Spooner's talents, but also shows off the sort of recording (Steve Drown at The Studio), mastering (Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering) and design (Open Studio) available here in Portland. A wonderful achievement and testament to what WCLZ has been promoting as "homegrown" talent.

Jason Spooner's CD release party,
9:30 p.m. Friday, Gritty McDuff's, 396 Fore St., 772-2739.