Left Hip Review

This guy is really sincere. A soothing voice and a great sounding record. Upbeat, acoustic, skip along songs. Kind of like John Cougar on a sober day, or at least during his “Jack and Diane” period. I found a fair number of similarities between the two.

Spooner’s a positive guy and talented enough not to weep and brood between songs. He put a lot of work into the CD cover and it’s a piece of art unto itself. That may seem irrelevant, but to me it displays a certain genuineness and sincerity that comes across in the songs.

John Wyman’s mixing is superb, dialling in just the right amount of stand-up bass; mouth harp blended nicely with Spooner’s warm voice. This man has music in his soul. Not an anthem band, not easy listening but good boomer tunes. Easy to recommend.