Eartaste Review

The beat, the bass beat catches me right off – here I am jumping up on my feet to celebrate hump-day. “Lies turn true and wrong’s no different than right. The air turns heavy like words at a burial site. But just how longs will the lights stay on when the dark is all that we know.” The poet in Jason is powerful and seldom at peace on this album. His stories are little tastes inside the heads of some interesting characters. We get murdered by the plans we make, slowly turning from the cradle to the grave. Little children learn to turn away, solid as stone, brittle as bone.” Don’t let the poetry fool you, there’s a band here sharp as a razor fence adding to the emotion of the songs.

I also have to mention the artwork on this CD. I was pulled into the art enough to do some research, and turns out the artist, Oana Lauric, has an on-line studio. Start with this link to one of the pieces featured in the CD, and then explore the rest of her work by following this link. Don’t know what it says about me this hump day, but both songs I’m talking about tonight by Jason have dead bodies in them. The shoutout is the brilliant band rave-up Fight The Fire.