Press Quotes

NEW! - "Contemporaries like Patty Griffin, Slaid Cleaves and Grammy winner Ray LaMontagne, represent only a small cross section of Maine's rich heritage of sourcing a special breed of thought-provoking artist. Maine's most recent emerging heirs to the musical throne come in an impressive pack of three; Portland's own Jason Spooner Trio."

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NEW! - "From the Knopfler-esque swing of Color of Rain to the barstool grit of the bluesy Half A Mind to the lonesome steel-pedal moan that permeates the jazzy shuffle Fossil, Sea Monster is a revelation of tasteful understatement."

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NEW! - "Jason Spooner is an amalgamation of John Prine and John Mayer... Sea Monster is easily Spooner's strongest effort to date... with a better feel for working in the studio with Jonathan Wyman that results in forays into songs that are occasionally R&B or funk-flavored, but keep a central Americana sound at their core."

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"Spooner's songs belie a sharp-tooled craftsmanship on the writing side, yet wash over the listener with fluid finesse... The great thing about this record, beyond the wonderfully contoured, lived-in sound, is the way Spooner reminds us that, even as listeners, we’re all a part of the story, too."

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"In his writing, Spooner can work as a storyteller, but he's not afraid to step off the literal path into the obscure, emotion-driven dreamscape writing style, 'I try to find some kind of happy medium,' says Spooner. 'I definitely write some story songs, but I also enjoy the shrouded stuff... It's like the detail painting versus the wide brush strokes of the abstract painting."

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"Spooner has enjoyed a bit of success with airplay. "Black and Blue," the opening track of "The Flame You Follow," spent a couple of months on Triple A radio charts at the end of last year. At one point, it was No. 3 behind a Radiohead tune. XM Radio is spinning Spooner's cover of Talking Heads' "Slippery People."

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"Spooner navigates between folk, jazz, pop, funk, and R&B — sometimes, in the course of a single song. His soulful vocals tackle lyrics about death, danger, and the desire to escape, but despite the meatiness of the themes, the songs refuse to wallow in melodrama."

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"Jason Spooner, from Portland. Maine, has found himself a neat rhythm section in the guise of Andy Rice (bass) and Reed Chambers (drums)... everything glides along smoothly, Spooner’s silky vocals wrapped in the warm, gentle backing. "

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"“Spaceship” for me is a truly magical track and probably the highlight... It’s while listening to this track, that I really became aware of how good the production of this album is. Everything about it is well balanced and you can’t help but feel that a lot of hard work has gone into it. This is one of those albums, that I’ve played to death, since I got it in. Pure gold."

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"Nice flow of vocals and strength of lyrics. He never views his words as an after thought, and uses nice wordplay and a sense of humor when needed... If the right people hear this, it could be one of those discs that explodes."

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"As the album progresses, a true connected feel is apparent. In a day and age when the artistic merits of the full-length album are quickly fading, it's nice to hear a bunch of songs that fuse together without sounding similar or forced together... fans of DMB, Damien Rice or just modern folk in general will want to seek this trio out post-haste."

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"The Flame You Follow is a big step forward, an album that feels like an album, by a band that sounds like a band... a rhythm section that can turn out a dark, tribal foundation like this makes it really easy to bring in guests as bright lights of melody."

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"Jason Spooner's latest record is destined for my list of favorites when the end of the year rolls around... Spooner's voice is fresh, authentic and distinct. Combined with the story-telling narration of some of the songs and the gorgeous melodies of others, Spooner hits the mark every time."

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"Jason's songs are keys to the locked trunks that hold the artifacts of our lives. You can enjoy the music as top-shelf entertainment, but I guarantee that you're going to want to come back and dig for the treasure."

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"This multi-award winning New England-based songwriter discovered his father’s collection of eight-track tapes as a child and never looked back... The Jason Spooner Trio is one of the most interesting and noteworthy up-and-coming acts since Kathleen Edwards or Martin Sexton."

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"The poet in Jason is powerful and seldom at peace on this album. His stories are little tastes inside the heads of some interesting characters... don’t let the poetry fool you, there’s a band here sharp as a razor fence adding to the emotion of the songs."

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"John Wyman’s mixing is superb, dialling in just the right amount of stand-up bass; mouth harp blended nicely with Spooner’s warm voice. This man has music in his soul. Not an anthem band, not easy listening but good boomer tunes. Easy to recommend."

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"A little busker sex-appeal here, some Paul Simon and a come-hither to lovers of finely chiseled Americana a la EastMountainSouth in Spaceship."

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Radio Quotes

"Jason’s music is welcomed addition to the Loft’s airwaves, as we are always listening for new exciting artists to expose to our audience across America. He and his trio stopped our studios to record a Loft Session and it stands out as one of the year’s best so far!"

XM Satellite Radio
Washington DC

"Jason Spooner has been a welcome sound for our station and each time he plays Missoula the fan crowd gets bigger and bigger. He is a genuinely nice person and such a hard worker promoting his music and band. We look forward to many great years of music from the Jason Spooner Trio and will welcome him back into the studio with open arms. Check him out live!"

Tracy Lopez - KDTR, The Trail

Missoula, MT

"Jason Spooner is one of the most exciting independent artists making waves at radio. With Wishing Well there’s a bit of instant familiarity because it’s a cover. But it’s not so obvious of a song to cover, so it generates a lot of inquiries and ‘who did the original/who’s the new artist?’ questions. We are happy to support Jason Spooner as his awareness continues to grow!"

Brad Savage - WCNR, The Corner

Charlottesville, VA

"I've infrequently played three singles from albums by major artists - there's so much music to discover and program it's tough to get that deep into any album. I can tell you however that Jason Spooner's Sea Monster album is the very first album by an independent artist that I've ever played three singles from - Crashing Down, Half A Mind and now Wishing Well. I'm glad to do it - the album deserves the airplay"

Danny Preston - KNBA
Anchorage, AK

"Jason played here in Santa Fe for a packed listeners-only party at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Here’s a new artist to be reckoned with... We’re going deep on this guy, not just the single but 3 other tracks as well..."

KBAC - Radio Free Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM

"Jason and the band performed several tracks from The Flame You Follow in our studios in New York and it was one of the high points of our live season. This is an artist with a very rare and special record that is destined to put him on the musical map. As with The Reminder or Brushfire Fairytales, it is not a question of "if", it’s more a question of "WHEN did your station wake up and get on board"?


Sirius Satellite Radio, New York, NY

"Jason played our 25th Anniversary show in Newport, RI and also visited us during SXSW in Austin. He is an artist to watch and an artist to play NOW! His insightful songwriting and his strong musicianship is a winning combination."

WMVY Radio
Martha's Vineyard, MA

"This is a special artist. Spend some time with the opening cut, the Talking Heads cover Slippery People, and Spaceship for starters. GREAT 40 minutes of live radio with Jason and Reed and Adam! GREAT guys! This album will now get VERY serious airplay at KTAO."

KTAO Solar Radio
Taos, NM

"We started playing Jason Spooner’s Black and Blue because he’s a talented local musician we wanted to support. We kept playing it because it’s a great song that fits perfectly alongside Wilco and Spoon"


Portland, ME

"In the sometimes crowded singer- songwriter end of this business, Jason quickly rises to the top of the heap. Don’t miss out on the chance to have the guys in for an interview, great vibe and fantastic in an acoustic setting. Spaceship among several other tracks from the The Flame You Follow finding a home here at WKZE. A band to watch is Jason Spooner Trio”."

Redhook, NY

"The Jason Spooner Trio dropped by the KRVO Riverside Lounge and also played a sold out show for fans here in Northwest Montana. It’s a tight band with smart lyrics and a lot of poise. We like ‘em"

KRVO - The River
Kalispell, MT

"Jason’s songs demonstrate a depth, and understanding of the best values of “pop” music. His lyrics lay comfortably on the tunes, and there are plenty of undeniable hooks together with unusual turns to whet even the most jaded ears."

Eugene, OR

"We are already several cuts deep into Jason Spooner’s The Flame You Follow cd…and I KNOW there is more to choose from. The band was wonderful ‘live, in studio’ at KPND and the show that night in Sandpoint was a great success! We are looking forward to their next visit before they get too big!!!! Because, they will!!!"

Sandpoint, ID

"Don’t let the small label fool you; Jason Spooner has MAJOR chops. His acoustic guitar driven songs are always well written, performed with passion and flair, and are just plain easy to enjoy."

The Point

Montpelier, VT

"Jason Spooner is like a breath of fresh air. His music cuts through the clutter of so many sound- alike artists. This is one artist who’ll be with us for a long time at KRVM."

Eugene, OR

"Superbly crafted songs and production that approaches Steely Dan-seamlessness without sounding too slick…Spooner is a no-brainer for Triple A. An engaging, unpretentious in-studio guest, to boot!”"

Anchorage, AK

"Upon hearing Jason for the first time, I had hope that a new acoustic sound was coming our way. It is apparent that a unique blend of influences has sent Jason in a different direction, one we need to hear more of. Jason’s lyrics have been in my brain for a month or more, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere."


Boston, MA

"Certainly he is worthy of your ears! Although he really got a start in the acoustic blues he incorporates a myriad of styles in his distinctive playing and singing of his own compositions... a very skilled player!"


Portland, ME

Venue Quotes

"OMG...someone who can write good songs, sing, play and entertain an audience. This is what I look for when I select performers for the Sings Like Hell series and this is what Jason Spooner and his superb band mates delivered last Saturday night. I am grateful."

Sings Like Hell Music Series
Santa Barbara, CA

"This is a group who really believes and is dedicated to their music. They have a great attitude performing and blend brilliant originals that are intelligently introduced with obscure covers that fit their sound & style perfectly. All three musicans are very talented. It was a great find for Musikfest."

Bethlehem, PA

"The Jason Spooner Trio came to my attention 3 yrs ago when they were selected for our Emerging Artist Showcase. A funky, groove-based, singer-songwriter fronted trio; acoustic guitar, stand up bass and drums... they are all monstrous players. They have gone on to be a huge Falcon Ridge favorite. They have a tremendously energetic live show with a wide appeal. You won’t be disappointed."

Falcon Ridge Folk Fest. - Hillsdale, NY

"Jason first came to Kerrville as part of our New Folk competition. We booked him back for a Main stage appearance which was extremely well received by our audience AND by many of the seasoned artists at the festival who said that they felt he was one of the best new artists they had heard. Jason is a touring artist delighting folks across America...not to be missed. We will be inviting him back soon and often."

The Kerrville Folk Fest - Kerrville, TX

"This is one of the most buzzed-about acts on the national festival circuit today and we found out why at this year’s Boston Folk Festival. In addition award winning songwriting & jaw-dropping musicianship this trio emanates the key element that many folk & roots festivals miss... ENERGY! Simply put; these guys are fun! This band is on the fast track to become the DiFranco, Sexton or Nickel Creek of tomorrow. Grab them while you can!"   

The Boston Folk Festival - Boston, MA

"Jason is one of those artists who has the ‘wow’ factor I’m constantly in search of for my audiences. Having presented Spooner on stages from intimate concert series to full-blown festivals, Jason consistently sends a buzz through the audience, leaving them scrambling for the CD tent or their programs to find out more about the sound they are hearing."

The Prescott Park Fok Festival Portsmouth, NH

"Spaceship and the title track are but two gems on a an album that's a near-perfect distillation of words and voice, melody and arrangement..."

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"His skills make the whole affair more than the usual singer-songwriter fare. His melodies and lyrics are well-crafted and memorable. His singing is effective, and his guitar playing is beautiful without being showy. Anybody with an interest in singer-songwriter music will definitely be interested in Jason Spooner."

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"This song is provoking as often the vastness of the horizons we face in our day to day lives become overwhelming. Before we know it , so much time has gone by. Another commonality of songwriter style music shows here in 'Big Black Hole' as it stimulates relatable thought."

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"Spooner's husky, soulful voice, his superb melodies and a talented line-up of local musicians gives 'Lost Houses,' a polished, professional sound that one might not expect from a debut album."

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"Haunting ballads like All That We Know and Meant To Be are balanced by the uptempo alt-edged Black And Blue and funky groove of Simple Life. Maine is a long way from Nashville or Austin, but Jason’s talents can equal anything that has come out of the supposed singer/songwriter “capitols” as of late."

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"Just listen to one of his songs and you will be hooked. He is a singer, songwriter and musician with a great talent for creating unique, thought provoking music...he is also an accomplished guitarist and singer."

"The disk is called 'Lost Houses,' it's the debut album by a singer/songwriter named Jason Spooner...Do you remember how you felt when you heard David Wilcox's debut "The Nightshift Watchman," or Dar Williams' debut "The Honesty Room"? It's that kind of feeling: this is someone important."

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"His debut CD, "Lost Houses," breaks free of the humdrum of subway strummers and demands to be listened to. Spooner writes insightful, cleverly penned songs that are at times witty and other times profound... Spooner puts together poignant verses with intelligent rhyming schemes, turns-of-phrases and freshly drawn images..."

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"I was struck by the timbre of his voice. It had a raspy quality that was pleasantly melodic, with a good range, able to belt out Johnny Cash or Rolling Stones tunes with equal ease. Something about it caught me, and I wasn't alone. Many that day asked if he had a CD available. The unfortunate answer was 'no.' Spooner has finally rectified that with a debut release..."

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"Jason's songs are keys to the locked trunks that hold the artifacts of our lives. You can enjoy the music as top-shelf entertainment, but I guarantee that you're going to want to come back and dig for the treasure."

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"Portland-based guitarist Jason Spooner has received many accolades for his songwriting, achieving recognition in countless competitions which took him on tours across the country. But the 33-year-old Spooner, who started playing guitar in high school, found one of his biggest challenges in assembling a band to support his debut album..."

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"The band has become a tight knit powerhouse of soulful style giving their music signatures of blues, folk, funk, and country. Playing all over New England, the Spooner Trio has become favorites at many venues while their consistent original blend generates a mix of well-crafted songs and compelling rhythms."

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"From clubs and streets in Spain to penning tunes at a little lake house in the Midcoast to a national appearance on a much watched Food Network TV show, Spooner and his band, the Jason Spooner Band continue to grow a hefty fan base – and – as musicians."

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