Give me just one more moment
Before I get up and get on with you
Donít waste your time to remind me
Remember who youíre talking to...remember who youíre talking to

She has a way like a siren
Be careful there and never assume
Taking her prey in the silence
I can feel it in the corners of this room
I can feel it in this room

But Iím feeling alright about the way that things went down
You tend to take it so lightly but it all comes around
One day your partners in crime will surface out of the blue
Did they remind you that the only one youíre you?
Is you

She stays in perpetual motion
She knows that nothing here is built to last
Sheís chasing waves across the ocean
Runs to the future, tries to avoid the past


Donít betray what lives inside
Haunted by what you denied
In the mirror, itís not so bad
You could see the friend that you never had

She goes in the night without saying
The things she knows she should before she goes
Sometimes the truth has a way of delaying
And in the end sheíll be the last who knows...she always the last to know