He likes to carry himself like a man who's seen it all
But he's the king that leaves the empire just before the fall
He must have seen you from a thousand miles away
You thought he'd be the man to take your hand, and take your blues away
Would he be the one to help you turn your trick?
Turns out to be the one who dropped you like a brick

Sometimes life 'ain't got no melody
Honey this ain't no fantasy
But it's alright, that kind of thing goes down
Whenever it goes the way it should
it's never the way you thought it would
So try to sit back and watch it all go 'round
Watch it all go 'round

It doesn't bother you that you wanted love for love's sake
It's doesn't matter you could take the fall and mend the things that you break
Just remember that illusion takes its toll
It strips you of your innocence and makes you control

You never thought yourself to be someone who could need
All you ever wanted was a friendly face to be there when you bleed


You tell yourself you're over him you say the years have made you strong
but in your hour of honesty you know your thoughts will prove you wrong
You see obsession's something like a venom in your vein
it spills into your body then it drills into your brain.

It's so illogical it seems to complicate your head
to carry such a long-tome loyalty to a stranger in your bed