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• Overview:
This section of the website is here in response to the numerous inquiries Jason receives at live shows about his guitar and his electronics. Below is a summary of what Jason plays and what he plays through:

• Guitar: Taylor 910 Dreadnaught
In the mid-90's Jason traded in a huge array of electric guitars, amps & pedals in exchange for his beloved acoustic. This 6-string model Taylor features Indian Rosewood back & sides an Engelmann spruce top. The neck is Tropical American Mahogany and the fret board is Ebony. Jason plays with medium gauge Elixir strings.

• Electronics:
Jason's Taylor is equipped with a combination of a Fishman Matrix Infinity undersaddle pickup and a Fishman Rare Earth Blend pickup (magnetic pickup & mic combo). These signals are fed into the Pendulum SPS1 preamp and mixed into separate channels on the soundboard.

For solo shows or for smaller, more intimate band shows, Jason runs his Taylor through a Fishman Loudbox 100 amplifier.  Whether solo or with band Jason uses a Boss TU2 Chromatic Tuner.

Jason uses Shubb Deluxe & Kyser capos and plays Lee Oscar and Hohner harmonicas.

• Electric Guitar:
In preparation for the band's latest release, Sea Monster, Jason tracked down a Gretsch Anniversary model hollowbody electric guitar to add some signature tones to the guitar sounds on the record.

At live shows, Jason plays through a Fender Tweed Blues DeVille 410 Reissue amplifier.

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